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Suspension Servicing

Motorcycle Suspension Service At Bayside Performance:

After years of motorcycle racing to the top level of the AMA and trained by the best in the business. We have the experience to rebuild and set your suspension to your riding style and weight.

Fork seals need to be checked on a daily basis. At the first sign of leaking they should be wiped clean daily and replaced before execcess oil ends up on your brakes and front tire. We carry most current sportbike OEM fork and dust seals in stock for quick replacement. Give us a call to book and appointment 604 325 2252

Just like your engine oil, the oil in your suspension needs to be changed on a regular basis. Your suspension doesn't have its own filter like the engine. With every stroke of travel, the surfaces of your suspension pick up microscopic particles of debris. Dirt can also enter from under the dust seals.

These particles get drawn into the oil, and over time contaminate the interior passageways. The more you ride the dirtier it gets. Without fresh oil and clean interior components, your suspension begins to loose it's ability to work efficiently.

To keep your investment performing the way it was designed, Bayside Performance recommends servicing your street motorcycle suspension every 8,000 to 12,000 kilometers, and your track/race bike suspension every 6-10 hours of track time.

Bayside Is An Authorized Service Center For The Following Brands:

GP Suspension
Race Tech

Bayside Performance services forks and shocks that are either shipped to the shop or dropped off. If the bike is brought into the shop, our hourly rate applies to remove and refit the forks and/or shock. The forks and shock are completely disassembled, inspected and cleaned. All fork tubes and shock shafts are polished to remove all surface material that may tear the new forks or shock seals.

We inspect all fork tubes to insure that they are straight. We are able to achieve a tolerance of between 0 and .004 in.

All forks and shocks are tested before being certified as complete by checking rebound and compression action throughout the range. Preload, compression and rebound adjustments are set based on information you supply. There is a final inspection prior to shipping or refitting to ensure that no fluid is leaking past any new seal.

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