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18-19 Ninja 400

18-19 Ninja 400

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18-19 Ninja 400 Ohlins S36 Shock

Ohlins STX36 Twin Shock Absorbers Well proven monotube design Fully adjustable 36 mm piston diameter Available in different configurations depending on the bike model Maintenance and service possibilities) What Suits You The STX36 has a 36mm piston and is available in a version with a hose remote reservoir as well as in monotube and piggyback versions, all depending on what is most suitable for the bike. Improved Adjustability All the hypersport STX36 models are fully adjustable....

Regular price USD $775.00 Price $736.25

18-19 Kawasaki Ninja 400 Ohlins 22mm Cartridge Kit Street

Ohlins 22mm Cartridge Kit Street Ohlins NIX Technology External Compression and rebound adjustmen External preload adjustment 22 mm piston diameter Range of springs available Ohlins Setting library Ride Comfort The NIX 22 Cartridge Kit is based on experienced learned through decades of testing and racing in high tier championships. The kit delivers loads of performance with stable damping characteristics while ensuring great comfort, contributing to rider confidence....

Regular price USD $650.00 Price $617.50

18-19 Ninja 400 Ohlins Fork Spring Upgrade Kit

Ohlins Fork Spring Upgrade Kit Full maintenance capability Replacement top caps Performance rate springs Fits a range of sport and street bikes Improved Handling The FSK 100-series is a great performance upgrade for the standard bikes front end. The kit is designed to improve the handling, cornering and braking and give the rider a noticeable improved feeling in all areas. Improved Tunning Options The kit consists of a replacement top cap and higher performance rate springs....

Regular price USD $250.00 Price $237.50

18-19 Kawasaki Ninja 400 Ohlins 22mm Fork Springs

Ohlins Suspension Fork Springs Spring Rate Recommendations For Rider Weight With Gear 145 lbs to 160 lbs 9.0/9.0 Nmm 150 lbs to 175 lbs 9.0/9.5 Nmm 175 lbs to 195 lbs 9.5/9.5 Nmm 185 lbs to 200 lbs 9.5/10.0 Nmm 195 lbs to 220 lbs 10.0/10.0 Nmm 210 lbs to 235 lbs 10.0/10.5 Nmm 230 lbs to 255 lbs 10.5/10.5 Nmm 245 lbs to 270 lbs 10.5/11.0 Nmm above 260 lbs 11.0/11.0 Nmm Installation and tuning...

Regular price USD $100.00 Price $95.00

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