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EBC DRC Complete Clutch Rebuild Kit

EBC DRC Complete Rebuild Kits Anti-Swell Friction Plates + Steel Plates + Springs Built for the tougher new world of four stroke Motorcycles the DRC kit swaps the stock type cork friction plates for a new set of severe duty carbon fiber lined friction plates for better heat and wear abilities. Anti-Swell Friction and steel drive plates plus heavy duty clutch springs A must for the competition rider

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EBC SRK Complete Clutch Rebuild Kit

EBC SRK Complete Rebuild Kits High Friction Plates + Steel Plates + Springs The latest offering from EBC is the complete clutch rebuild kit which includes Kevlar lined fiber plates as in SRC kits but with the addition of the steel seperator plates to allow clutch to be rebuilt to exact original stack height. Kits also include springs which in some cases are new "diaphragm" type as used in many modern sport...

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$130.86 - $344.44

EBC SRC Street Racer Clutch Kits

EBC SRC Street Racer Kits High Friction Sport & Race Clutches A Kevlar paper-lined plate set complete with heavy-duty clutch springs (most kits) Ideal for heavy sport bikes, faster riders and production based race use Longer life and higher heat resistance This clutch has a more aggressive/faster take up than the CK cork series

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EBC CK Series Replacement Clutch Fibres

EBC CK Series Replacement Clutch Fibers Almost identical to original equipment clutch plates Cork based product impregnated with aluminum particles to increase wear life and heat resistance Material is highly compressed to avoid swell and clutch drag and is an ideal general purpose replacement material for all grades and sizes Kit includes a complete "engine set" of friction plates only...

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EBC CSK Series Clutch Spring Kits

EBC CSK Series Clutch Spring Kits Always fit new springs which get tired after miles of heat and use EBC spring kits are 10% stiffer than standard and are sold in engine sets The lever will feel slightly heavier when uprating springs, test ride to acquant yourself with the chance in control

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$11.03 - $50.99