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Brake Rotors

Brake Rotors

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EBC Pro-Lite Contour Front Stainless Steel Rotors

2 EBC Pro-lite Contour Floating Front Rotors The latest upgrade brake rotor offering from EBC Brakes for performance motorcycles is the newly designed CONTOUR PLUS brake rotor for floating front brake systems. EBC Pro-lite Contour Plus simply bolt-on to replace your existing front floating brake rotors and offer many advantages that improve both performance and looks of your superbike such as lightest weight contoured rotor profile, stainless steel rotor, lightweight forged alloy...

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EBC Pro-Lite Front Forged Steel Rotors

2 EBC Pro-lite Floating Front Discs/Rotors The EBC Pro-lite series has become an aftermarket standard worldwide because of its very close similarity to the original disc but offering a higher friction (18% extra) braking power over stainless steel and being a safe, riveted, sturdy construction as opposed to the risky circlip system used by some of our competitors. If the OEM manufacturers thought circlips were a good idea, they would have...

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EBC Pro-Lite Contour Rear Rotor

EBC Pro-lite Contour Rear RotorWith contoured profile to reduce weight, rear versions of this new programme are made in HPSR steel and zinc plated to avoid corrosion. The latest EBC contour PLUS rotors are made with special stainless steel and new lightweight profile and feature the new scraper slot system which has proved to be so successful in preventing early life rotor damage when bedding in new brakes. The scraper slots remove any loose particles/debris as the pads bed in during...

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