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Rizoma Dynamic Brake Light

Rizoma Dynamic Brake Light Rizoma Dynamic Brake Light system is a safety device, which make brake lights flash to warn following vehicles of sudden hard braking. The DBL is an accelerometer so it does not require a connection to the motorcycle's hydraulic braking system. The DBL can be connected to the motorcycle brake light or to Rizoma multifunction indicators (indicator, tail and brake lights). Device operation can be adjusted. The Dynamic Brake Light sensor is triggered by...

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Healtech Electronics Brake Light Pro

Healtech Electronics Brake Light Pro The smallest brake light flasher module in the world with 11 pattern options to choose from for added riding safety. Raises awareness of motorists behind you. No more tailgating thanks to this tiny but intelligent device. Compatible with almost all motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and even cars. Amazing compatibility One module for universal use (3 wire brake light applications, bikes, cars, ATVs) and one specially designed for BMW motorcycles (2...

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