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Braking Rotors

Braking Motorcycle Rotors
Braking Rotors

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Braking SK2 Dual Front Brake Rotors

Braking SK2 Front Brake Rotors SK2 has a directional aluminum carrier, which is 9% lighter than the previous one, a new profile for its outer ring thanks to cooperating with the strongest teams in the world, and a directional seat with a 14° angle Provide FAST reaction and the best lever feel during racing conditions Precise direction of rotation designed to permit better...

Regular price USD $612.95 Price $551.66

Braking W-Fix Rear Brake Rotor

Braking W-Fix Rear Brake Rotor Traditional WAVE® fix disk for both front and rear applications. Replacement of original OEM disk. More braking grip Highly reactive Less weight Better handling High heat dissipation Stable power in all conditions...

Regular price USD $128.95 Price $116.06

$116.06 - $157.06