Offroad ATV UTV Motorcycle Suspension-Damper

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GPR V1/V2 Offroad Steering Stabilizer Kit Black

GPR V1/V2 Steering Stabilizer Kit This is GPR’s first generation design of a rotary steering damper, well close to it at least. It still retains the original footprint but internal valving and fluid controls have evolved over the years. One center dial, adjustable as you ride and completely rebuildable. Take the V1 damper and mount it under the bars for the V2 version. Mounting the damper under the bars give the taller riders the bar height they are looking for and keeps the shorter...

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GPR V5D Offroad Steering Stabilizer Kit

GPR V5D Steering Stabilizer Kit The GPR V5D is the fifth generation steering damper designed for dirt bikes and adventure bikes, but is also used on several of hybrid applications. Its compact and slim design allows for the damper to be mounted below the handlebars, out of harm’s way, without raising the bars more than an inch. Frame mounts are machined steel with stainless steel pin, and billet aluminum machined bar-mounts. V5-D Fat Bar kit – A Sub mount kit, mounts below the...

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