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Xena Security Disc Lock Alarm - XN15 Stainless steel body & lid


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  • Model: 100097
  • Manufactured by: Xena Bike Alarms
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XENA XN15 Disc Alarm : Ultra-High Security

Highly visible XENA alarmed disc-lock; 110dB siren with 14mm double-locking pin for protection you can trust.

Lock specs:
• 14mm Double-Locking System
• Chrome Molybdenum Steel
• Weight: 905g (1.99 lbs.)
• 7mm Gap Height, 62mm Depth
• 14mm-Diameter Locking Pin
• High-Security Key and Barrel
• High-Range Security

Alarm specs:
• Auto-Alarming System
• 110dB Warning Siren
• Dual Shock & Movement Sensors
• Removable Alarm Module
• Adjustable Sensitivity
• "Smart" LED Arming Sensor
• 6 x LR44 1.5v Alkaline

One Lock, Two Systems

Should you buy a disc-lock? An alarm? With XENA you get both.
The XENA disc-lock alarm: one product with two completely independent security systems, working together to protect your bike from theft and (a common issue with stealthy disc-locks) rider misadventure.

First, the lock itself. A solid block of hardened stainless-steel featuring a technically advanced double-locking system and dual-locking pins make XENA disc-locks seriously strong. Independent testing by government-sanctioned and insurance-industry bodies throughout Europe (Thatcham and SoldSecure in the UK, SRA in France, ART in Holland, to name a few) has repeatedly secured XENA's place in an elite group – on the strength of its lock design alone.

Second, the alarm system. Microprocessor controlled, self-arming and maintenance free. XENA's patented alarm features a 110db siren triggered by both shock and motion sensors. Any move by a would-be thief to shift or damage your bike or any attempt to ride off with lock in place and your XENA sends a powerful message to look elsewhere – and of course to unlock your pride and joy before you disappear over the handlebars.

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